At Akanksha, PASSION and EXPERIENCE bring crafts of perfection to reality.

About Company


Akanksha International is India’s leading Handicrafts Décor Exporter specialising in metal handcrafted accessories and furniture located in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Founded by two brothers, following their endless appetite for passion for design and creativity to empower the dreams of others, Akanksha is a brand that values customer experience over revenue and personal benefits. Having been in the field from the past three decades, Akanksha has steadily expanded their product line enabling them to move in the wood & marble category products as well. We at Akanksha International lay significant emphasis on exclusivity through new & innovative designs. As a leader in the industry, Akanksha International has set the bar with its unwavering commitment to quality, performance & exceptional customer care. Through our extensive selection of services & expansive product designs, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ needs are not just met but exceed beyond expectations.

Our Vision

With the amazing combination of our passion for handicrafts and our dedication to serve our clients with the best possible experience, we continue to move forward in the direction of growth in terms of Capability, Consistency, Trust and Reliability. Satisfaction of the customer being our cornerstone, we lay great emphasis on the quality of our products & in order the maintain the consistency we boast a 100% In-House Production.

Leading Industry Player

Akanksha has a well established client base across the globe. We have been supplying furniture and accessories to 200+ clients across the globe spread across 10+ countries, leading the industry for over 25 years. Having been in the field from the past three decades, we have steadily expanded our product line enabling us to move in the wood & marble category products as well. We at Akanksha International lay significant emphasis on exclusivity through new & innovative designs.

In-house Specialisation

Akanksha’s team of expert craftsmen exceed 300+ in counting. Our entire production process is in-house from manufacturing to testing and packaging. We are accommodated with the latest industrial high-tech equipments. A 100% In-house production provides us with the freedom of being entirely self-dependent, reliable and enables us to manage the quality of our products. We are always true to our commitment of delivering Premium quality to the satisfaction of our clients and dealers.

We specialize in two categories:

ACCESSORIES: Candle & Pillar Holders, Décor, Vases, Table Tops, Lamps & Mirrors

FURNITURE: Book Shelves, Coffee Tables, Consoles, Drink Tables, Drum Stools, Nesting Tables, Side Tables, Trollies & Different types of Accent furniture

Our Processing

An elaborate and advanced machinery setup allows us to maintain the supreme quality of products with full reliability and time management. We have several machines in our premises including Lathe Machines, Milling machines, Facer Machines. Polish machines, Grinder machines, Drill machines, Powder coating machine, Electrice Welding machine, Mig welding machines, Slider machines, Die Cutting Machine, Folding maching, corner cutting machines, creech machines etc.

These are the various processes carried out under the 100% In-House Production. Tooling & Molding. Sand Casting. Polishing. Plating. Finishing (Spray Paint, Hand Paint & Final touch). Powder Coating.

Quality Management

An in-house quality management system with proper testing machinery, along with a dedicated quality management team, we ensure that each and every shipment that leaves our premises is upto the mark. Our in-house quality testing facility for product testing includes Tip-over test, stability test, load concentration test, candle burn test, etc. We also have in-house facility of Transit testing, i.e. drop test, bursting strength test, etc. We are also coordinating with third testing labs such as Bureau Veritas, Intertek, SGS, MTS, etc.

Highly Recognised Brand

Akanksha is a proud member of various Handicrafts Councils and Associations all over India, including:

  1. Indian Industries Association.
  2. Certificate of Membership - Young Entrepenuer's Society.
  3. Membership Certificate - Moradabad West Industries Chamber.
  4. Membership Certificate - Moradabad Handicrafts Export Association.
  5. Membership Certificate - Laghu Udhyog Bharti.
  6. Member of UP Waste Management Project.

We also have Compliances in SA 8000 and SEDEX.

Our Brand has also been recognised by Ministry of Commerce & Industry and by CRISIL with an SME Rating.